22 Moves For A Well Defined Jawline – 2018 Updated

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Well in this world, being the one with fatty cheeks is a humiliation.

The one’s with the double chin or baby bloated cheeks are living a nightmare. I know it very well, I feel you but hey we gotta end this, don’t we?

I believe on staying the way you are unless it’s not what you wanna be in life. This is where the things starts to get messy. You have a fatty face and you are not comfortable with it. So instead of fighting of every bully, you gotta end them big ass cheeks so that you can be a better version of yourself.

There are steps you can take to ensure your jawline is more structured than the life of many people around you. I have organized some of the methods that you can pick for taming your jawline for that hotness.

Well, you can pick any of that which would suit you the best. My piece of advice? go through all of them for once and then pick what is easy to adapt. I would say keep a notebook by your side while you go through this article and write down the most comfortably adaptive measure you can implement.

So, let the heat going…

They say taming jawline with exercise is a no brainer thing, but oh is it really?

The answer depends solely on you, yes it is the way you do it.

Now I won’t be wasting much of your time convincing why you should be working out 6 days a week and hitting each and every muscle of your body to loose fat.

That’s crucial.

To tame your jawline, the first and foremost no brainer is the reduction in the fat.

Face has alot of muscles in it and so is the area surrounding the jawline. If you want that jawline to be sexy, you have to uncover it and then make it prominent.

To uncover it, you guessed it right. You gotta reduce the fat.

To make it prominent, yes you have to grow a bit muscles around it.

So, a full body workout schedule is healthy for you and would sky rocket your progress and is even crucial to be hot and sexy. But that’s not today’s pain.

Today, I ‘ll be going through the use of exercise to tame the jawline directly.

Alright, here we go with the best exercises available today to be a structured jawline human.

1- Vowel Rage

Well, remember them unique words which couldn’t get along with the rest, yes those vowels are pretty handy when it comes to defining the jawline.

The rocket science here is to not look made when performing this sort of exercise.

Try to inform the others around you that you would be reading out the vowels loud and carefully for some reason and not because you are on weed.

How to do it? just read the vowels out loud and really focus on the way your mouth considers movements when you are executing them alphabets.

The range of motions it makes the mouth go through makes it a good small scale workout for the jaw itself.

Well, easiest and one of the most effective but would take time.

2- X-O Method

One of the most commonly used exercise to heat up the jaw game is the X-O exercise.

Mechanism is simple, you read the X and O loudly with proper motion of the mouth while you murder them alphabets.

Do it as much as you want. perform it the way it looks appealing to you. There are no restrictions. The game is all yours.

3- Ducky O’s

Now that’s not the official name. It can be searched with something like ” Collar Bone Backups ” but I like to roll differently.

The implementation of this exercise is hell simple.

Just push your face forward ( Trying to keep it straight. Keep your body position constant and then move your face forward in such a way that your neck feels a stretch and the face covers a horizontal distance away from the body. After it’s gone a bit far, pull it back keeping the same face angle ( don’t look down or upside, keep it straight ahead) ).

4- Practice Duck Faces

Unless you are living under a rock, you would be familiar with them idiotic duck face selfies. Those were crap believe me but they help your jaws.

Try to make duck face few times a day but please do it in isolation. We don’t wanna look your weird selfies.

The mechanism, simple. Hold the duck face. You can google it for the duck face selfies and you would find out but I don’t believe there is much science to it. You gotta join the upper and lower lips and then push them forward making you a shitty duck face which is beneficial for you and equally irritating for others.

5- Gates

I am not talking about the Bill gates. He is perfectly alright even with any jawline he has. But I am talking about these gates jaw exercise.

What a gate does?, it opens and closes.

So do you have to do it with your jaw. You gotta open it and close it. Although you do it all day intentionally and unintentionally but practicing that in some time of the day would make you feel a better mind muscle connection thus helping you to have that sexy jaw.

Now I want you to really focus on the opening and closing of the mouth. Push it beyond the normal routine and really feel the squeeze when you clench your teeth. Don’t go overboard on this one please.

6- ChinLifts

This one is not that much simpler. It requires some explanation. Let’s see how to do it and then we would consider why we should be doing this.

-> Move your face upward ( move up the chin so that your eyes go toward ceiling.  After you have ceiling visible to you, fix your eyes onto a point which really stretches your neck. After that, keep the head in that position and open and close your mouth for some time duration while feeling the mind muscle connection. Hold the open and closed positions too for better result. Don’t go overboard and run into nerve irritation.

7- Massage

For those to whom jaw means more than jaw, this one is crucial.

Besides it’s benefits, you are gonna love it either way. You can do it your way or have someone else do that for you.

The point is to gently massage the jaw so that it soothes the muscles and releases the endorphins ( happy hormones ). Thus giving you some good jawline.

8- Circling 

Around the clock with the Jaw. Start by pushing the lower jaw outward and then try to make circles with it.

If that was too complicated for you to understand, I am here for some explanation. If you understood it alread, then you can skip it offcourse.

Now try to feel your lower jaw. Once you felt it, try to push it outward while keeping the face stand still. No movement except the forward motion of the lower jaw.

Once it is outward a bit ( you will know when the teeth on the upper jaw would no longer be fitted onto the teeth of lower jaw ), try to make circles with it.

At first, making circles would be almost impossible. You would be making triangles, pentagon and some sharp shapes while you try to move your lower jaw in circles however with time it would be super fun and embarrassment if you do it infront of people. Checknote- Never do jaw exercises infront of people.

9- Roar

Roar, not scream. And yeah, Roar like a lion okay.

How to do it? Well you gotta roar  like a lion would. Inhale from the nose and while you exhale through the mouth do it while opening your mouth a bit wide, with muscles tight, tongue rolled out a bit and roarrr.

10- Chew The DAmn Gum

Believe me this is the number one move you can make for a defined jawline as well as a cool personality. Chewing the gum has many benefits, it makes you look coool, helps contract and relax jaw muscles and helps in many other ways too but why go into unnecessary depths when we are primarily concerned with the toning of jaw by chewing the gum.

One thing be careful, while the chewing gum is fun and the easiest route which you can adapt for a defined jawline you still need to care about balancing tit all.

What I mean is that if you are chewing it from the left side all the time then you might create an imbalance on either sides which would ruin it. So try to chew gum from both sides equally.

11- Sucky Smile

Another great move. Suck your cheeks in and then try to give a gentle smile.

Do it alone okay or you would be loosing all your people because believe me we all look shit when we are doing any sort of jaw exercises except them chewing gums. They really do make you cool.

You got it how to do it? If you haven’t then here is a bit more detailed explanation on this one.

  • Close your mouth
  • Suck the cheeks in
  • Try to give a lil bit gentle smile ( spread your lips to either sides a bit )

Congratulations, you just had a sucky face.

12- Jaw Drops

This one is more like Jaw circles except for the fact that you won’t be making any sort of circles. In this exercise, you are gonna sit anywhere comfortably and then push your lower jaw downward.

Do it like when you yawn and your lower jaw reaches a downward position. Now hold that position for 30 seconds and the boo yeah you had a first Jaw drop.

13- Clenches

Pretty straight forward exercise. With this always be sure of not going overboard okay. Get yourself in a comfortable position with your face facing forward. Your head shouldn’t be tilted upward , downward or on an of side. It should be kept straight. Relax a bit and then with optimum and normal strength, clench your teeth for about 20 seconds. After that release the teeth and then do the same for as much as you want

14- Upward Clenches

Much like clenches, infact it is clenches but the difference is the angle. Start this exercise by having a comfortable sitting position. Face up / Look at the ceiling. Now do the clenches. If you are not sure on how to do them, have a look at the number 13- Clenches

15- Smile, If you can

If you have any reason in life to feel alive and happy and full of life enough to have a smile on your face then it’s gonna be easy for you.

The mechanism for this exercise is really difficult. All you have to do is smile.

Either fake smile it or genuinely smile, it’s all upto you but the point is that it helps.

16- Chin Up Holds

Much like the previously explained ( 6- ChinLifts ) but there is a huge difference between both of them.

In ChinUp Holds, get yourself comfortable sitting position, look towards the ceiling with really stretching your jaws forward. Hold it there for 30 seconds if you feel some sort of stretch on to your neck.

17- Tongue Pushes

Tongue pushes is a handy exercise you can have for your defined jawline.

With this all you gonna do is to push the roof gently with your tongue and then make some fort of weird noises lime ahmm , mhh or arrghhh. Press with the tongue gently. Make these weird noises very low. Never do this exercise infront of people, it will be a humiliation.

18- Baggy Press

This exercise will take you straight to your childhood. Explaining it is a bit difficult but I’ll try to do so. Attention please.

With your face and mouth close, give some air from the lungs towards the mouth. While the mouth is closed, it will bloat out the cheeks. As a result your cheeks would bloat out. You getting it?

Now when your cheeks have bloated outwards, push one cheek of either side inward and that will cause pressure onto the other cheek. Now do the same for the other side. Keep doing it for 30 seconds and in a quick motion. You will notice this exercise to be a healthy childhood reminder.

19- Brow Lifts

While most of the exercises on this list are internal, this one involves some external influence.

Start by making a ” V ” with your first two fingers. Now bring them close and you have closed victory ” V ” sign.

Place the finger nails onto your brows. Us both hands, one hand on each brow.

push your brow downward with your hands.

At the same time internally push the brows upward.

So you are pushing your brows downward with hands and internally pushing them upward at the same time.

This would cause some strain on your jaw.

20- Flexy Spy

As compared to the above one, it is a bit simpler. Depends totally on how perfectly you execute it.

Well, start with clenching your teeth, mouth closed.

Suck your cheeks a bit inside. Just a bit to provide a continuos stress onto them.

With that posture held up, look around in a ll directions. Upward, Downward, Left, Right everywhere.

21- Imaginary Kiss

Believe me you should never do it in public because you would be looking like a pervy creep. Well, ordinary kissing is fine too and is good for jaw too but just in case you are serious about your jaw definition then a variety of exercises is crucial, with each one a slightly different variation of other.

That is why we have these imaginary kiss exercise, all you have to do is to kiss imaginary and hold your position for 15 second. Simply, hold the kissing position for a small duration of time to stress those muscles involved into this action an thereby defining the jaw itself.

22- Lower Lip Lifts

With this exercise, all you are going to do is to lift your lower lip upward. Although it’s easy but I guess I’ll explain it a bit.

When you would try to lift your lower lip upward, the interior part of your lower lip would touch the exterior border line of the upper lip. After fully lifting your lip, you would be able to see your lips interior if you look toward you lip.

And yeah hold that position for as much as you want but don’t go overboard. 15 Secs is good to start with.

Now as far as the sets and reps method is considered, it’s all upto you.

As an example, I would say do 4 sets of 12 reps. But again, it’s upto you

If you are familiar with some more moves than do share with us at the comment section below. For queries, boom the comment section below.

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