Daily Skin Care Routine For Oily Acne Prone Skin – Morning And Evening

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A skin care routine is must to adapt for everyone and the clever ones are those who adapt a skin care routine according to their skin type and any particular goal they have or any discomfort they are trying to avoid.

A skin that is oily and prone to acne deserves some special routine and that’s exactly what I would be covering. Yeah, it’s the daily skin care routine for oily acne prone skin. Don’t worry we wont recommend you 50+ products to use daily, instead we keep it simple and easy. We just tell you the basics and you do the job on your own.

But firstly, let’s see a bit about the acne, what is it and what makes you prone to it and then we can work up a routine to minimize if not eliminate the risks of acne.

It commonly occurs during puberty, when the sebaceous glands activate, but it can occur at any age. It is not dangerous, but it can leave skin scars. The glands produce oil and are stimulated by male hormones produced by the adrenal glands in both males and females. At least 85 percent of people in the U.S. experience acne between the ages of 12 and 24 years.

According to the medicalnewstoday

Since we are developing a daily skin care routine for oily acne prone skin here, it’s better to be familiar with the fact regarding how the oily skin is going to affect acne.

Sebum is the name given to the oil under the skin and it is a contributor to the acne. It’s not absolute for people with oilier skin to develop acne but they are more prone to develop acne.

So a routine for oilier skin prone to acne should be the one made with care ( Don’t worry I did that ) and should be implemented carefully ( It’s your part, yes you have to be strict on this one ).

A skin care routine is typically divided into two according to the time of the day. The first one is the Morning routine and the second one is the evening routine. If we look at it, it makes sense. when we wake up, our skin needs some special care or I would say “specific care” to be more precise.

The morning routine revolves around two important factors. The first one is to refresh the skin and the second one is to prepare it for the whole day ahead. The preparation of the skin for the day ahead depends upon your daily routine. Don’t worry, I tried my best include as much care products as I could to suit the softest and harshest day ahead.

Let’s get the routine moving.

Morning Routine

Start off with micellar water

Washing your face is beneficial and there literally is no doubt regarding it but the main issue is the intensity. If you are washing your face too much then it can lead to dryness. Although those with oily skin are constantly trying to make their skin less oily or some of the shoot for drying technique but this one wont cut it. That’s why we have micellar water.

After a good night sleep, the body has recovered. It has produced hormones which have triggered the production of sebum which is now showing an oily image of you in the mirror.

What you need to do?, just grab a cotton piece of cloth and apply micellar water with it. Just gently scrub your face with the cotton having micellar water onto it. This will help you get rid of the oil and the dirt which accumulated all over the night.

Micellar water works perfectly fine with almost every skin type specially the oily skin which is prone to acne. However, it is necessary that you should report to your dermatologist if you start seeing any unwanted effects

If you are not comfortable with micellar water for any reason, a warm water wash can help you. Just wash your face gently with warm water and a good towel to gently scrub it.

Use a Cleanser

A mild water based cleanser when gently applied on the skin would probably help clear all the oil and dirt build up which happened during your night time sleep. Now it is important to pick up a right cleanser for you. If you have an oily skin which is prone to acne then you should better be choosing the right cleanser. You can talk to your friend or anyone who you think can help you make the right choice.

Consider the moisturizer

According to your skin type you are going to need a moisturizer. I can recommend you alot of moisturizer but the effectiveness of those can’t be guessed. This is because how your skin is going to react is a mystery for both of us. All I can say is a good gel based moisturizer is going to be helpful. Search for the best local brand that suits your skin very well.

Apply a cream for under eyes

Under eye region should not be ignored, they can spoil your look believe me. Especially if you are following a daily routine then all of your skin would be fresh except the under eye region and that would be more prominent and spoiling as ever. So better consider an eye cream.

Lip Balm

Even if you are one of oily skin person, you would have drier lips at times thus making it important to consider using a lip balm.

Be safe with Sunscreen

This is one of the must have. When you are ready to kick the day, the day is ready to kick you too. So it’s better to reduce the kick impact of the day as much as you can. Choose a sunscreen with SPF according to your skin type. I firstly bought SPF 60 and I am comfortable with it. You can try 60 too or you can start from SPF 30. Keep hunting it down for yourself

Evening Routine

As the day is finally over and it’s time to put yourself to sleep. It’s always tempting to just jump onto the bed without thinking to take off any make up if you have or just wash your face or whatever. It’s so satisfying to just jump onto the bed.

But you have to help yourself. Wanna follow a daily skin care routine for oily acne prone skin ?, you have to do what it takes.


Anyways, start off with a cleanser. Since all the work you put into the day had you worn out. Not only physically and mentally but chemically too. Now that your skin is all covered up with dirt and sebum, it needs to be taken care of. Specially if your skin is oily, you would be putting it on stake if you just let it go. So pick up the right cleanser for you and roll with it. Gently ok.


A good gel based moisturizer would keep your skin moisturized all the night and it needs to be like hat. During the night, the body produces specific hormones to repair any damaged skin cells and for oil production underneath the skin. So you better moisturize the skin before you go to sleep. Let the body do it’s work in the most efficent way.

Exofoliate Your Skin

You can try to go with the intensity of either one time a day, two times a day, once every two days etc. But it’s important. You can use a good exofoliate for this purpose. I won’t recommend any. Pick the one that suits you the best. The reason why I added this on evening is it would help the body more. You can try it in the morning though. But it’s important, specially if your skin s prone to acne.

Any Treatment If You Are Following

If you are following some sort of treatment or something then don’t forget to regularly use that. Make sure that the treatment you are following can go along with the cleanser and the moisturizer.

Lip Balm

For the best lips, get a coat onto them just before you sleep so that the next morning when you wake up, you have better lips. Pick the right product okay, don’t get carried away.


Anyways that was a simple and easy to adapt Daily Skin Care Routine For Oily Acne Prone Skin. I could have added alot more fancy stuff and surely that would have helped it but hey a daily routine is meant to be easy enough to follow. If it contains around 50 products than one day or the other you are going to break that routine, leaving your skin with no effects.

Suggestions are always welcome. Comment down below your routine and let me know if I can make it better via comments below. And yeah, recommend some good products too to help others choose the best ones.

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