51 Fitness Myths That Are Stopping You – Break Through Guide

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Ever thought why are there so many myths around the globe?, ofcourse people had experienced some of them in their life and gave you a cure for it if you encounter. It’s like one person encounters a difficulty, figures it all out and then shares the knowledge with others so that they all benefit from it.

It’s great and perfectly the way it should be but hey think for it for a moment. What if the ” respected piece of advice ” that you got from someone was just a result of the wrong analysis or perhaps the “answer was the problem itself “.

If that was the case, then following that great piece of advice would firstly create a problem for you and then would keep you indulged in it for a great amount of time untill you finally have some potential to ward all of the false notions of.

There are many of those still wandering around so I thought to consider adding some of those here. I’ll be publishing an article lately how to encounter them with the good moves later.

  1. Cut out the fats completely
  2. Low carbohydrate diets
  3. More exercise for more fat loss and muscle building
  4. No breakfast diets
  5. Spot Reduction of Fats
  6. Supplements are bad
  7. Heavy Weight = Muscles Growth
  8. Light Weight = Muscle Definition
  9. More sweating equals more fat loss
  10. No fattening from fruits
  11. Caffeine is evil
  12. Creatine causes insane weight gain
  13. You can be a magazine star naturally
  14. Consume more calories for getting big
  15. You cannot build muscle and loose fat simultaneously
  16. Hit each muscles twice or thrice a week
  17. Leg workout would take muscles from upper body
  18. Abdominal workouts convert fat into muscles
  19. 30-45 seconds rest between sets
  20. Pumping a muscle daily makes it grow
  21. 100s of Pushups daily challenge
  22. Working out makes women look manly
  23. Protein powder is a steroid itself
  24. All carbohydrates are bad
  25. Protein before bed is not safe
  26. Fats are must to avoid
  27. Working out retards sexual activities
  28. Muscles turn into fat if you stop working out
  29. The more sore you are next day, the better it was
  30. Bigger muscles means you are stronger
  31. Salt is bad
  32. Staying ripped throughout the year is impossible
  33. A personal trainer is must have
  34. You need a gym to be fit
  35. Fancy machines are necessity
  36. 70% Diet / 30% Exercise
  37. Daily 100+ Situps For Abs
  38. Daily 100+ Pushups and Pullups
  39. Loose Fat in 10 days
  40. You can shape your body like anything
  41. Starving causes fat loss
  42. Body uses fats when you eat nothing before workout
  43. Cheat meals are bad for your fitness journey
  44. Arms need to be hit thrice a week
  45. Leg muscles consume all the protein
  46. Stay a bit dehydrated for being vascular
  47. No sipping water during workout
  48. You are too aged to be fit
  49. Jogging is the best fitness thing on the planet
  50. Immediately consume after your workout
  51. Throw away the egg yolk

Well, those are some of the myths i have encountered in my fitness journey. I just wish people realize these kidna silly stuff and would get the body they are looking for.

I would eventually be adding more and more myths as I encounter them. Be sure to stay alerted. And yeah, help me know some by adding some value in the comment section below.

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