Leptin Fat Loss Guide + [ 38 Foods & 15 Lifestyle Changes For Leptins ]

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Not all heores wear capes..

So is the case with the hormone “ Leptin “.

It is not in the spotlight, it is not discussed much, it is not being treated nice but it’s always there to do it’s job – The fat burning and the fat gaining. Basically, it’s the body fat regulator.

I guess almost all of us come across fat burning in one part of our life and we all know about the struggles of those times. Eat less, workout more and blah blah.

But you know what, as I got myself involved deeper and deeper into the world of fitness and bodybuilding I came to know about the secrets.

These secrets are not so common and they are not obvious for everyone to notice but with time, dedication and consistency ; I was able to get my hands on some hot secrets of the fitness realm.

And I am going to share them with you.

The Hormones build the muscles and burn the fat – Neither you nor the diet itself directly can do anything. Every action is intended to promote specific hormones.

So when I came across this secret, I was like man I could never have the body I desire. Like I could be kicking my ass off in the gym and at the same time following a strict diet but I could be a slave to these hormones.

But remember, every dark night has a silver lining.

Instead of being used by these hormones and live my life like a slave, I thought to find some ways to control them so that I can still enjoy the food I love and the right amount of exercise while accomplishing my goals at the same time.

Well that one thought changed my fitness perspectives.

And believe me I focus on science rather than just lifting and eating. The results are amazing. Science is promising you know.

So I thought to collect all pieces of information I had in my mind regarding this fat burning hormone and then write it in a way so that not only does this un-capped hero get’s some publicity but it also get’s to work over time.

One thing be sure, I am not talking about steroids of any sort. All I am talking about is what are Leptins and how we can incorporate them naturally. This article is pure natural bro, no juice in it.

Note – Since the article is lengthy there is a table of content below which can be used to browse for the desired section. Just click onto the desired query on the table below and be familiar with it in no time.


Table of Content

So let me first get to this hormone. Like what the hell is it.

What is Leptin

Leptin is a hormone which is supposed to regulate the fat storage in the body.

That was the simplest definition one could force upon this hormone and that serves the purpose very well to be honest. The Leptin is the hormone which sends a signal to the brain for the fact that your body is full of energy now and you don’t need anymore energy from the food that you are currently eating. As a result the person is able to feel full and keep themselves away from consuming some bad calories which exceed the Total Daily Energy Enxpenditure (1).

While at the same time Leptin does one more good thing in the body, it helps to use the fat storage for the purpose of proving the energy to the body.

Now for those seeking to lose fat, nothing could be better than the hormone Leptin which is not only giving them a  sensation to feel full and avoid extra food but is also providing them with a mean to use the existing body fat for the purpose of generating energy for the survival of the body.

Leptin is the body fat regulator not the body fat burner. One thing be dead sure. These bad boys can not be used as desired. They work on their own principles but don’t worry much as their principles are the very same as our physique goals. Yes, they want the body to be muscular and lean. We wan’t that that too. Well then we gotta help these bad boys then.

Let it be known that the Leptin is the real deal when it comes to loosing fat. If you intend to know things like it’s composition and some real stuff then you can find it here (2)

Why is Leptin Made

It is legitimate to be familiar for the fact that why the hell body makes the Leptin itself. Like what is the purpose of Leptin in the human body.

Well Leptin regulates two important concepts. They may not tell exactly for what the Leptins live upto but they are enough to give you a rough idea on the purpose of Leptins.

Well it is generated or made for the following two primary reasons.

  1. Leptins tell the brain whether the individual need to consume some food or not. It’s like if that individual have more Leptin in their body, then it would be signalling the brain to eat less. Like More Leptins = Less Eating Appeal. So if  more Leptin are present in the body then the brain would be demanding less of a food and with that individual would be facing less of a struggle to resist some delicious food.
  2. Secondly, the Leptin also signals brain for the fact that the body is now going low on energy reserves, they need to burn the existing fats for compensating the energy used. This way the Leptins compels the body to use the fat storage and burn those fat tissues to bring up some energy for the body itself. With fat tissues broken down for energy and fat storage being used as an energy sources, fat would be lost.

So to summarize, The body makes Leptin because of the fact to prevent or promote any further intake of calories and to burn or build the fat storages which makes it an ideal fat regulating hormone till now. I don’t know if any further studies would be proving it wrong or not but till now, Leptin is our hero.

How Does Leptin Work

Let’s get some science stuff kicked up here.

So how does Leptin work. Does it work from 9 to 5?, or is the weekends off? how much does it get paid and how often does it gets laid?

Well Leptin is the hormone for what – The fat loss and fat gain and that is super clear now. If you have doupts, go through the article again and you can search things yourself too but believe me I don’t love trolling when it comes to fitness so consider it 100% what you read here but consider the fact that a human just like you is writing this article. I can be on mistake too. Well, I try my best to avoid mistakes atleast.

Back to the topic..

There are adipose tissues in the body. Wanna know more about these adipose tissue? Find out  here (3) in the world of simplicity we call the adipose tissue a fat tissue, it is fat. A fat tissue is called the Adipose tissue. Just some wild medical science stuff going on here.

What Leptin does is that it modulates the size of the fat tissue.

Leptin counteracts the effects of a feeding stimulant released in the gut called neuropeptide Y as well as the effects of a cannabinoid neurotransmitter called adandamide which stimulates appetite.

Leptin also promotes the synthesis of an appetite suppressant called α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone

While loosing fat, the Leptin levels decrease, signalling the body to lower all sort of energy expenditure to compensate for the fat loss and vice versa when gaining fat.

See this hormone is not like Testosterones and HGH whose presence in large amounts indicate an increase in muscle mass, a reduction in fat and an increase in bone density. Leptin basically controls the fat storages. So injecting these bad boys in your blood might not help, atleast in the long run because the brain would be adopting addiction. Addiction and dangers are discussed below in this topic under the Leptin sensitivity department. So there is an adequate amount of these that the need to be generating to bring up the balance when are loosing up fat or gaining.

When loosing fat, the Leptin hormones would be secreted few this is because of the fact that the fat tissues themselves secrete these hormones. Now these generated hormones would signal the brain that they are few in number which means that the body’s fat reserves and the energy consumption require more intake. So the mind will start craving for food and that is when things get messy. All body want is food then.

On the other scenario, when gaining fat; the fat tissues now generate a larger number of these hormones.What the Leptin do this time is the complete opposite of the previous scenario. This time large quantities of Leptin signal the brain to stop craving for food as the body is already high on fat storage and energy. So the body do not crave for anything and does not wanna eat something now. Remember the times when you don’t wanna eat even your favorite foods, that’s when high amounts of Leptin have kicked in

So to sum up, Leptin can be thought of as food clock controller. When the Leptin is high, there is no mood to eat and when the Leptin is low food is all we want.

Why Is It So?

Well let’s not forget about the pre historic times when the survival was the most important thing and thanks to our ancestors who survived those hard times, we are all here.

A short story – Pre-historic time’s fitness

In those times, everything was insane and harsh. Food was rarely or abundantly available. To keep the body stabilize and in the good shape, the body generated a signalling hormone known as Leptin.

These hormone were made to control the human beings eating habit. Like consider our ancestors hunted an animal and they ate it. Now the their bodies generated Leptin for signalling that the body’s energy and fat storage is full and they need to stop eating. If this hormone was not in place, they would be eating and eating and eating till they die of overeating because nothing is signalling the brain to stop the food consumption.

On the other hand when they were loosing fat and energy, Leptin would signal their brain that they are running out of energy and that they need to consume food for the survival and that is when they started hunting for food. If Leptin was not present they would never know when they are feeling hungry or not and than they would die with all the muscles and fat of their bodies burned to supply day to day energy expenditure.

See, that’s why Leptin has it’s place in the human body and it regulates very important functions as we already know.

So our key to physique building would be on keeping these Leptin under check.

Neither too much nor too few, we will be focusing on numerous ways to keep them in healthy amount for our fitness goal.

Leptin Sensitivity

I hate to be a bearer of bad news but believe me bad news is in the air. We gonna get it anyways even if we are just breathing.

While the things were getting better and simpler to the point where more Leptins meant more fat loss and vice versa but then a bitchy thing happened. That Leptin resistance.. Even if the body is producing right amounts of Leptin to keep it all under great care and check but the mind fails to process all of these signals just because it is addicted to some large amounts of Leptins. Yeah, that shit is Leptin resistance and it creates a pissed of situation.

Consider it like caffeine tolerance {4} . The more coffee we drink in a day, the more of it would be required a few days later to produce the same effect. It’s called the tolerance. Basically it is the resistance by the body. The body has now overcome to the point that it no longer get’s same affects from the same hormones. It need more of them to produce the same effects. Pretty simple.

Since caffeine and Leptin are two different things, I would be going to dig deep to unfold the Leptin mysteries for the maximum affect because I am really hungry for that 6% bodyfat highly muscular physique.

Well what causes the resistance of brain towards the Leptin?, it’s the blockage in the pathways. At times Leptin cannot reach the hypothalamus and thus the brain, due to lack of connectivity with the Leptin ; the brain cannot be aware of the blockage and assumes it for the fact that the levels are low: it starts to give signals to eat more food. Means, with the Leptin tanks full in the body we would be gaining the fat. Just because we were careless a bit.

Leptin Resistance Horror Story

The scenario which would be decreasing the Leptin sensitivity is infact miserable.

When a person starts to store fat, the amount of Leptin in their blood increase. Because remember, Leptin is produced by the fat cells in the body and the more fat someone is holding onto their body, the more Leptins would be found onto the blood of that individual.

While the fat gaining is on the point, the hypothalamus ( which uses Leptin to signal the body for fat loss or gain ) would eventually get addicted to such large quantities of these hormones.

The more fat we start to gain the more Leptins body generates and the more of it is needed the other time for the same signalling as the previous one.

So basically hypothalamus is getting addicted to the quantities of Leptin which the body generated and it need more of these next time to function perfectly. It’s like addiction

So when that individual starts to lose fat, the hormones generated are lower this time since the number of fat tissues is now decreasing. Now the quantity is few and the addiction is much more than that. The result is lowered affect of the hormones. Which results in insane cravings of food even after eating.

If that individual is able to get through those cravings through one way or other, it’s amazing then. Otherwise they would be caught in a viscous cycle of fat gaining where one step towards fat gain is a one step away from fat loss too. It’s a lose-lose loop.

There should be a way to avoid it..

Like why don’t those who are obese end up exploding?? if the viscous cycle keeps going on? Well there are some diet and life style changes that can help break this dirty viscous circle

So with that being said, I would be going to cover some of the foods that would sky rocket your Leptin experience. Breakthrough foods for the Leptin sensitivity would be discussed at that section. If desired, Jump to that section by clicking here.

Macronutrients That Boost leptin Sensitivity?

It’s clear from the Leptin sensitivity that there are some foods with the potential to increase the Leptin sensitivity and these are also the same foods which are responsible for the overall good health.

See since Leptin stand for good health so those foods which stand for good health too are going to be directly linked up with the these hormones and would be increasing the sensitivity.

Now the question is how different macro nutrients are going to influence it and basically how are they going to do it. Let’s break it down.


We have the fiber which is a macro-nutrient. The quality of this macro nutrient is the fulling sensation it gives to the body. Those who follow strict diets love the fiber content. Because a small amount of that particular source can give the sensation of being full and when the full signal is received by the brain, the eating process is done and no more cravings for some time.

This effect of fiber goes hand in hand with the Leptins. Since their mechanism is pretty much same working as those fibers, these two go hand in hand.

While consuming fiber, Leptins are being aided in their day to day fat regulating work.


Proteins play their role by inducing their thermogenic effect which boosts the metabolism. When the metabolism is elevated, there will be more fat burning. Since the viscous dirty cycle of obesity starts when we start adding pounds and pounds and the body gets addicted to the Leptin levels, the protein does it’s job by burning the fat which can reduce Leptin levels and break the body free of addiction.

Once the addiction is broke the body can respond to the newly defined levels of these hormones and the mechanism will be alright. The proteins would cover the fat burning mechanism when it will be pushed against the wall.

Good Fats

Fats are bad. Not too much but still they are bad. Just in case you were not familiar with some good guys in this bad gang, there are good fats which are literally good.

These good fats are responsible for the production of some of the key hormones such as the Testosterones and the Human Growth Hormones. Both of these hormones are responsible for the burning of fats and the building of muscles and an increase in the bone density with some increase sexual drives.

With those two hormones rushing in the blood, the Leptin sensitivity would be boosted. There is no way the body can hold the Leptin when those hormones are around.

Complex Carbs

Carbs are basically energy source for the body but the complex carbs present a different story.

Complex carbs are not much lower in calories than the simple carbs but they can lower their calorie content by burning them.

When consumed, these require additional work from the body to break down. This extra energy work required more energy and thus the body itself starts to burn energy to do the work it is appointed to.

Basically it is like a thermogenic effect which  boosts the metabolism.

and we have seen earlier than an increase in the metabolism would result in an increase in the Leptin sensitivity.

What kinda lifestyle changes would boost Leptin Sensitivity?

Stressing too much would be causing insane damage. It will have adverse affect on the hypothalamus – The part of the brain responsible to deal with Leptins. While it’s messed up, not much of processing form this unit of brain can be expected. So stress is a killer. For more health harms by stress read harms by stress here

Being in a fever would shake Leptin working. Since the hypothalamus is affected when having a fever, some strange craving and rejection can be seen popping. The reason a patient gain or loose fat is because the hypothalamus is affected and does not know what to do. So it messes.

Sleeping is an all rounder. A 7-8 hour sleep is must. Why I mentioned 7? because when you plan for a 7 hour sleep you actually get 6 hour sleep because it takes time to fall asleep. So plan a 7 hour sleep and actually sleep 6 hours with 1 hours wasted on trying to sleep with random thoughts popping up every second.

These were the  key factors that can wreak havoc or blessing onto the Leptin working. The list is down below and contains several more of these.

Leptin Consumptions?

Leptin cannot be taken orally

More of these hormones would not ensure more fat loss, infact it can can even turn out in reverse because the more Leptins in the blood all the time would mean sensitivity is going to decrease for the Leptins in the body and the end result would be too much Leptins producing fewer result than those with average amounts.

Infact there is no way to consume it directly unless being injected directly intot eh blood, please don’t do that. no steroids. Stay natural. Works great for long term and even short term.

However it does not stop us to expect some fat loss with it. Even though we cannot increase the quantities but hey there is one more factor which we are missing here.

It’s the quality.

Your body is producing perfectly balanced amount of Leptin but the few of it is able to influence the hypothalamus. The rest get’s wasted.

If the container has a hole in it, no matter how much water you add it’s still gonna be empty.

So same is the scenario here.

You have to improve the brain functionality along with the good nutrition to clear the pathways which lead Leptins to the hypothalamus and the actions generated by the hypothalamus, they need some other molecules to be put in the work too.

And the good part is we are in control off how well our body can perform. A diet rich in good stuff would boost the Leptin sensitivity. So the same amount of Leptins in your blood would now be producing much powerful affects.

The whole point is to improve the Leptins mechanism not to increase these hormones as we have seen that increasing the quantities of these hormones is not gonna help in any way.

What Can I do For Leptins?

This question now deserves a place.

With all the knowledge you have regarding the ultimate fat killer hormone Leptin, how are you supposed to keep it balanced and working efficiently or even better than that?

Well there are some of the foods that I would be sharing below that would make your Leptin levels balanced and some of the lifestyle changes that can really go hand in hand with them Leptins

I would suggest keeping a page and something to write on it by your side. Note down the food from the list which are easily available to you or are easy to incorporate for you.

Also get your hands on the lifestyle changes that you can induce for some Leptin boom.

38 Leptin Sensitivity Boosting Foods

Now one thing be dead sure. There is no such food that is rich in Leptin and will make you burn insane amounts of fats. The mechanism for burning fat with Leptin is a bit different and that is what I am going to explain.

Our body generates adequate mount of Leptin regularly. We cannot mess with it, it’s the same whatever we do.

However, the part of brain which processes these signals can be messed with and that’s where we utilize the power of Leptins.

Consider the body signaling the brain about stopping food consumption with high amounts of Leptins but little amount of it reaching the brain while the massive amount is stopped in between or is having difficulty reaching the brain. So the brain will process the few quantities of Leptin and would think that you need more food Because the body sent few Leptins.

What happened is body sent fat loss signal while the brain processed fat gain signal just because Leptins were blocked in between or the brain did not take much of an action.

That is Leptin sensitivity and that is exactly the factor that can be controlled with foods and lifestyle changes. If you are high on Leptin sensitivty then your brain would be correctly interpreting the signals your body is sending and you will never be out of shape because the body cells never lie.

Obesity according to the research was the result of Leptin sensitivity. Those who were having issues with brain and Leptin processing were seen obese whereas those with good brain and Leptin relationship were healthy and muscular.

With that, below is the complete list of foods which will boost you Leptin sensitivity to the right limits

  1. Chicken Breast
  2. Avocado 
  3. Apples
  4. Banana
  5. Oats
  6. Strawberries
  7. Lentils
  8. Carrots
  9. Walnuts
  10. Almonds
  11. Sweet Potato
  12. Spinach
  13. Brown Rice
  14. Beans
  15. Quinoa
  16. Meat
  17. Shellfish
  18. Legumes
  19. Peanuts
  20. Milk
  21. Yogurt
  22. Eggs
  23. Broccoli
  24. Beef
  25. Coconuts
  26. Salmon
  27. Olives
  28. Dates
  29. Raisins
  30. tomatoes
  31. Onions
  32. pepper
  33. Kidney Beans
  34. Chickpeas
  35. Pop corn
  36. Green Peas
  37. Whole Grain
  38. Cabbage

30 Leptin Boosting Habits

  1. Good Night Sleep
  2. No Stress
  3. Be moderate with fitness
  4. No severe calorie restrictions
  5. Avoid processed foods
  6. Avoid eating 2-3 hours before sleep
  7. Avoid sugars
  8. Consider exercising
  9. Get some yoga
  10. Don’t over train
  11. say o to Alcohol
  12. No junk food
  13. Consume Good Carbohydrates
  14. Consume Good Fats
  15. Consider Supplements


Sugar and Leptins?

Yes, all kinds of sugars are forbidden except the natural sugars in the fruit. Those are not much harmful however those too should be consumed precisely. Even brown sugar would not be good for Leptins. However cutting all the sugars from the diet might not be the safe option.

Will my coffee affect Leptins?

Yes, the Leptin Sensitivity would be affected by the caffeine and the bad news that your coffee could be harming your Leptin sensitivity and even production. So better watch out. Limit your caffeine intake.

Are Leptin Supplements legit?

Well, in this article I’ve already mentioned about how do Leptins do their job. The supplements labelled as the Leptin supplements are not basically Leptins in the capsule or powder. They just basically boost the overall health and necessary components for the proper working of Leptins. Those are not directly hormones. They can be legit and not depending upon the use. With proper nutrition, proper exercising these supplements would be useful but since everyone is different, it’s better to consult your physician first just to be on the safer side.

Can I measure my Leptin levels at home?

Not really. There is no way you can get familiar with your current levels of Leptin atleast not by yourself. You need some medical science to help you for that.

How to know Leptins are OK?

You can estimate it by paying some attention to the body. If the food craving starts just after eating a meal then that craving can be a fake one and that there is an issue with Leptin sensitivity. However, if you get cravings after 3-4 hours from a well balanced meal then those cravings are legit and the hormones are doing their job pretty well.

Does smoking affect Leptins?

Yes, smoking affects the Leptins by blocking them in the blood streams. Avoid smoking if you wan’t to shape the body the way you want it to be.

Well, that sums up the life of the Leptin. Now that you are familiar with it, it’s time to consider bringing some positive changes in your life.

Remember this thing. The body knows exactly how to do things and the body loves fitness but at times due to some of our mistakes in eating and lifestyle, we restrict the working of body’s natural mechanism and that is where the problems such as obesity and diabetes begin.

Same is the case with Leptin. We cannot control its production but we can control how the brain processes these kind of signals with the help of some healthy foods which are seen to help and some of the lifestyle changes which are seen to bring positive aspects.

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