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Massage chair, or perhaps the robotic massage chairs are now becoming the sweet spot of good health. What are the health effects by those robotic massage chairs and what lifestyle changes they bring with them? the answer is many. 

While the bring many effects with them onto the life of consumer, one can assist themselves for a better understanding regarding the need of massage chair in their life. That’s why I wrote this article.

By weighing the specific pros and cons for oneself, one can conclude on whether massage chair is beneficial for them or not. 

Although the massage chairs are not much common as they should be ( it’s about time believe me, let the time pass a little bit and you are going to see these massage chair everywhere ), but still there are many consumers out there. If we examine the sales of these massage chairs in the countries like USA and Japan, we can see a pattern, the pattern of interest.

People now are no longer keeping their bucks hidden when it comes to health and peace of mind and that is one of the primary reason why we see the growth of health and fitness industry booming sky high each and every year.

On the surface massage chair seems to be offering a variety of features that help you feel sooth and fresh more than ever, but is it all good or too good to be true?, let’s see if the goods are too good or just good for you.

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How is it like owning a massage chair

Owning a massage chair can yield out different possibility. It has it’s own pros and cons and that is basically what we discussed below. Can a massage chair cause a significant change in your lifestyle?, it will. Both positively and negatively. Weight the both for yourself and if it turns out good, consider investing in one.


1- No offs

One of the primary advantage of a massage chair is that there are no offs. Whenever a massage is required, doesn’t matter if it’s weekend or week day ; it can be done. A massage chair at the corner of your house is basically an availability of massage round the clock 24/7.

2- Heating action

The massage done by hands at the local spa can create temperature problems. A sensation of ” perfect ” is hard to accomplish as the body temperature and the outside might not go well. Maybe the bench onto which you are lying is a bit cold for your body and muscles to open up or the outside temperature is a bit too cold to cause discomfort of any sort. While that’s not the case with the massage chair. The temperature can be controlled and can be set to an ideal benchmark.

3- Music Support

Music is the necessary component and while having a massage, it can patronize the good sensations. However, it might be either not possible to use when getting a massage at the spa or it would be difficult to use as you have to talk to the one giving you the massage. Don’t miss out on this part of the play, it’s where the things get full of passion.

4- Good Addiction

Getting addicted to a certain masseuse can be a horror story and blessing. It’s a blessing as long as the masseuse is there but it get’s creepier if they leave it. Since the person is addicted to the masseuse, they find it hard to settle else where and hence the feeling of ” full ” after a massage session is never accomplished. However, with massage chair that is never the case. A person is addicted to their massage chair and these robotic massage chair always offer the same and are never going away. 

5- Privacy Kept

For privacy conscious people, a massage chair can help them very well. Leaving the massage therapy just because of the privacy issue is not the thing to do. Massage reap many many benefits and they can be accomplished easily and conveniently with the help of massage chair so it’s better to get hands down on the massage chair and let no privacy issue be a hurdle anymore.

6- Keep Personalized Setting

With many of massage chair comes a feature to save the personalized setting under a filename. Just like the music there can be playlists for angry, sad, joy and all with the particular settings fixed onto them. Whenever a massage is desired, it can be achieved with just a click away. Easy.

7- Always The Same

The massage chair provides the massage same all the time. It can’t be the case that the massage chair applying different pressure and different heating on different time. The ideal settings can be saved and can be used to take the pleasure to the extreme extent. That is not the case with masseuse since they are going to be different than they were last time. It’s natural and can’t be helped.

8- Extreme Control

With massage chair lies absolute authority over the massage. From the time duration of the massage to the type of massage, everything is under control at one place. However in the case of massage at the spa by masseuse, a person is at the mercy disposal of masseuse. There lies control but not extreme of it.

9- Safest Option

With the massage chair there are no harms. There can be no unwanted touches, no mistakenly greater applied force and no skin scrubbing as the settings are right at the disposal. There is nothing that can go wrong. With masseuse however, many things can go wrong. I would like hear about these tho. Share them in comment below.

10- Favorite Environment

What if you want a massage but right infront of your window ?, that is not easy with the masseuse however that is super convenient if you own a massage chair. That is, with the massage chair a massage can be achieved in the favorite environment as desired.

11- Multi-Tasking

I want a massage, a smoothie and listen to this amazing song. Can a masseuse help me with that? probably not. Can a massage chair help me with that? Yes. The massage chair comes with the cup holders and mp3 players so that there can be multi tasking. 

12- Beyond Limitations

The massage chair can provide insane feature like the zero gravity which are impossible to achieve at the local massage center. To benefit from the ground breaking new studies in massage, a massage chair is the only place to look for.

13- Reduced Risk Of Injury

With a masseuse an unwanted and unbalanced force can be a source of injury or discomfort as the force they apply can not always be in the safe limits. However with the massage chair, the settings are individual. Apply as much pressure as you desire.

14 -As Much As Required

What if I have 20 mins for massage?, I reach up to my local massage center in 20 mins. Wait for the masseuse for 20 mins and then finally get the massage for 20 mins. I waste 20 min for each and every hurdle. So why not just get my self relaxed on the massage for 20 mins and get the massage for as much time as desired. 

15- Optimum fit

Massage chair are optimum fit, meaning there sizes swallow the person sitting onto them whereas the typical bench and recliner at the local spa might not be a perfect fit. Atleast it does not give a feeling of swallow.

16- One Time Investment

Massage chair is a one time investment totally worth it. Once you have it, mold it in any way int he routine. However with massage from the spa, it’s like every day investment at yourself. Some days when you are out of cash, you sacrifice it. That’s not how life is supposed to work. 


1- Human Touch

The massage chair can provide the desired amount of pressure on the desired area but the classical feeling of ” human touch ” can never be accomplished with it.

2- Continuous Massage

A massage chair can provide continuous massage with no increment or decrement in it. If you want the force to go higher up your calves towards your thighs, it may not be possible for the massage chair. The chair would just press it from both sides with equal pressure. The variation or I would say intelligent distribution can never be accomplished.

3- Lacks Types of Massage Therapies

There are different massages according to different cultures and their practices. Those effects can not be accomplished with a robotic massage chair as all it provides is a continuous massage. Although it provides different kinds of massage based on the desired settings but the different cultural and massage practices is the department where you favorite massage chair can lack.

4- Social Experience

Everything we do in life is meant to push us into new arenas where we meet new people with the similar passion as ours thereby we develop the possibilities of making new friends and relations. With a massage chair right at your disposal, you would not consider going to massage center as going their comes up with many negatives as discussed above. So the social part is usually where you would be lacking a bit. No meeting new people, no gossip no nothing. For some it would not be a disadvantage as some of us are introverts including me. But for some extroverts, a bounded social life can wreak havoc for them. It’s indeed a matter of personal preference.

5- Different Therapies

A massage chair is an all rounder. It provides the massage in a basic manner and covers all of it. Great. But there are some therapies ( for example trigger point therapies, which bodybuilders usually get to extend their range of motions ) that can not be accomplished by the massage chair. These therapies are critical and require pressure distribution on the trigger points which requires the massage chairs to have artificial intelligence in them. It’s more time dependent but right now, massage chair lacks here.

6- Cheaper

Getting a massage from the masseuse is relatively a cheaper option. While the prices of the massage chairs are probably high, a typical massage session does not cost much as compared to the price of the massage chair. So it’s lighter on the pocket.

7- Good For Guests

For those who just want a massage like a guest ( once in a while ) the massage center might be the best option because it’s lighter on the pocket, you don’t have to remember much settings of the massage chair and all. It’s simple. Lay down and let it go.

8- Alot of Fancy stuff

With the massage chair there is a plenty of stuff to be remembered. From the basic operation to taking the most out of it. All has to be remembered. If you don’t wanna learn all the fancy options and settings then a massage center can be better. Because it’s really simple there.

9- Machine Hazards

Machine hazards are more like luck, bad luck if I would be a little bit more precise. If you are aware of the movie, final destination ( any part of it ) then you would understand me. What if the chair get electrocuted, what if the airbags apply insane pressure etc. Although there is no such things like these but waiting for the bad is a bad approach. If the floor is all wet or something like that, then you should better be careful. Remember it’s a machine. It cannot ” adapt ” to any conditions. So better be careful.

10- Repair

If it’s a new massage chair from a reputable company then it wont create much of a mess. It will run fine and smoothly unless something bad is done externally to it. However, given that your massage chair starts breaking down often, then you have to spend some bucks to get it back to working which can be a little amount or a huge one depending upon the intensity of damage and the cost of the massage chair. Although these are not often but needs consideration at times

11- Up To Date

How can one stay peaceful standing still while the whole world chooses to advance forward at a remarkable fast pace. Well, sorry to break it to you but the massage chair you would buy can catch upto like 5-10 years then it would be a bit too old as compared to the new technology present at that respective time frame. A choice has to be made. Upgrading the massage chair won’t cost much as you can contact the company and ask to take one of your and give you the new one with some money difference but it is something worth considering.

12- One Chair won’t fit all

The real good massage chair come up with a maximum wight capacity and an optimum fit size. These two factors come in handy and are great for the massage session but only if the user is one. If you intend to buy a massage chair and use for your own good then this won’t be an issue for you but if you intend to keep massage chair for multiple users ( like the whole family should be using it ) then this can lead to a bit problems. An ideal sized massage chair that fits everyone should be prioritized.

13- Damn They Are Heavy

A robotic big massage chair is heavy. I repeat heavy. Why is that a problem even?, it has to be moved around at times. Whenever it’s about the time to shift the massage chair onto a new place or just move it across to clear the area under this, a huge load of muscles has to be used. 

14- Needs Proper Care

It is not like a massage center where you can just lay down and as soon as it is done, you are gone. With massage chair you have to be careful. If you are consuming eatables and you drop some on it then follow the instructions to clean it up. The motors, they need to be checked and balanced. The massage chair would come up with an instruction manual and all the actions listed there would need to be checked and balanced regularly or it can cost.

Massage chair vs Massage Center

Since all about the massage chair has been broken down already, one might consider hey what is the difference between the massage chair and massage center, who’s better and in what respects. 

Both the massage chair and the massage center have their own respective pros and cons and the answer to who’s better is highly individual. Look for yourself, see these pros and cons of each and decide what can work best for you and make the decision afterwards. It’s simple, just need concentration.

Massage Chair

A massage chair can give massage whenever it is required. Let it be night, day, evening, office time or whatever. The massage is all yours. It’s like more of a freedom. Whenever you need it, you get it. 

⇒ Financially, it’s a one time investment with minor expenditures ( can arise due to negligence or any other reason such as upgrading to newer version )

 Control over every feature, maximum comfort and variability of features are the some of the perks of owning a massage chair. 

 Lacks massage types. It is the same massage chair that jerked you a while ago and now you want a trigger point therapy?, sorry the chair can’t do that.

 Yes you have to take care of it, follow the instruction manual to the core to avoid any sort of damage. It’s not like massage and see off. You have to stick a bit longer for some administrator issues

Massage Center

 Human touch.

 Financially, the massage center is cheap and expensive at the same time. For those who rarely go to massage centers can find it cheap however those who consider massage a routine can find it expensive.

 Offers a variety of massages. Whether it be for elderly, sports person or children. Everyone can have different massage types which are best fulfilling for their requirements

 Time can be an issue. The massage center might be closed when you need it the most, or on a busy day you finally made time for massage but there are already many people waiting in line?. Massage centers can cost times

A massage session can be easily spoiled if the masseuse is not passionate in it, or you are dependent on another one who is not available today, or the masseuse just worsened the pain due to incapability.

I hope after going through the article you might have a better understanding of massage chair. Will it work out for you or not?, tell us in the comments below!

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