Does Stairmaster Tone The Body Well? Are They Worth The Hype?

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I wan’t you to close your eyes and say the word ” Cardio ”

What do you see?

Running on the treadmill or cycling on a stationary gym bike. Is that what you saw?

If that’s coming on your mind then your fitness methods needs a refreshing new recipe and that is dish of today. I am deeply cooking this stair master recipe in hopes of better exploring the ways to lose those stubborn layers of fat.

While treadmill and cycling come up with their own benefits and there is no denying the fact that those two burn alot of fat if they are used right but hey that is not the limit for the fat loss. What if I tell you about 300% increase in the fat burning mechanism with same efforts? well it does exist. I described it in this article btw, be sure to grasp it.

Yeah, it’s the Stairmaster. You can have your own at the corner of your home or give it a go in a nearby gym.

But what if the stairmaster is just another fitness big flop?, we wont know, until we give it a shot. For practical shots, you have to give it around 4 weeks. A duration of 4 weeks is enough to see some notable changes caused by any new fitness routine.

As for the scientific breakthrough and general health benefits and some general facts and figures surrounding the Stairmaster, it’s what this article is all about.

Table of Content

  • What is Stairmaster ( The Basics )
  • Stairmaster Workouts ( How to Use )
  • Benefits of Stairmaster ( We’ve got 13! )
  • Stairmaster Calories ( Calculator )
  • Stairmaster Results ( How much Can you get )
  • Conclusion ( Final Words For Stairmaster )

That table of content was there for some quick navigation but if you have decided to go through the entire article rather than just teleport to a specific info, then let’s go.

What is Stairmaster

Stairmaster is yet another powerful machine made to accelerate the fat loss.

That’s how simply you can put it and simply it describes the purpose really well. However we can go a bit complex though as most of the time being simple can make us predict wrong assumptions.

Stairmaster is yet another tool to help with the fat loss, made specifically for cardio but in a different manner.

The stairmaster works with a principal unlike the other tools available for the similar purpose. It incorporates ” Low Intensity : High Outcome ” principal thus making it one of the ideal fat loss tools available.

Because of it’s similarity with the day to day must have actions ( such as stair climbing which is almost inevitable in today’s high rise world ), it reaps even more benefits.

A stairmaster was made to mimic the natural stair climbing motion. Infact the stair climbing in our neighbohood is almost same as the stairmaster except the fact that the stairmaster actually poses lower risk than the outside quick stair climbing session and yeah the stairmaster is readily available whenever desired. You can’t just go out in the middle of night for a quick stair climb workout session, however you can if you have the stairmaster in the corner of your house. It’s the same case as it was with the massage chair 

Functionally speaking, a stairmaster works exactly like the electric stairs on a shopping mall. That’s the closest and dumbest similarity I can show for reference. However your stairmaster would typically have 3-4 stairs which the one’s on the shopping mall have plenty. When you place one of your foot onto a stair meanwhile it’s coming down, you place your other foot on the higher stair. When that one’s start coming down you place the other foot on the upcoming stair. Pretty simple.

Speed can be adjusted. But the faster you make it go, the riskier it becomes because you are directly involving the joints and the stairmaster workout is hard enough even at the basic level. Unless you feel like a pro, keep it to slow and simpler settings. Rushing the workouts and fitness goals with the stairmaster would make it a injury spot.

I am a civil engineer so I can’t tell you the electrical components used and the codes working behind the digital screens of the stairmaster and believe me that is not something to bang our heads around. Just keep it simple.

Stairmaster Workouts

There could be many stairmaster workouts. What you can think of is a workout. However, I would be sharing some of the stairmaster workouts to ensure that the people never run out of the stock when they are busy with the stairmaster.

This section is for the people who ponder how to get a good workout on the stairmaster. For stairmaster workout benefits, check out that particular section from the table of content above.

Anyways let’s explore the possibilities of the stairmaster workouts.


On a basic level, the Stairmaster workouts can be divided into two types.

  1. Stairmaster Cardio Workout
  2. Stairmaster HIIT Workout

Cardio is as we all know one of the best ways to burn off the fat and keep the body and organs in the healthy state, and HIIT is the best way to loose body fat, keep the organs healthy and boost the production of Human Growth Hormone by 300%.

So what will be the most effective?

Both have their pros and cons and the techniques to trigger them.

See the basics of both types and question yourself on which one can you incorporate in your day to day life. Remember, if you choose to push it to extreme extent than be known that you won’t even last a week. My advice is to go slow and win it all ok. Don’t rush and relax.


Stairmaster cardio would be like using the stairmaster in such a speed and power that makes you achieve around 60-80% of your max heart rate. How do you calculate your max heart rate? Well it’s 220 minus your age. So figure out the max heart rate, calculate 60-80% of it. That’s what you need to keep during the workout session of the stairmaster.

However to reap huge benefits, you need to be doing cardio for around 20-25 mins. Not more than that because that will cause you to lose muscles.

Cardio, as compared to it’s HIIT variant is comparatively easy. It all depends upon intensity. The more intense the workout is the more its gonna pay off. Unless you run with a risk of overtraining and start loosing your body instead of gaining from the workouts. So be careful, push your body to the point from which it can return, don’t let it get forever lost.

Cardio workout is simple, just keep using the stairmaster for around 10-25 mins on the intensity which makes you achieve the maximum heart rate’s 70-85%. It’s simple


If we incorporate the HIIT from the Stairmaster workout types then we reap even greater benefits. Infact greatest benefits because there literally no way discovered which is meant to lose fat faster than the HIIT.

If you are aware than good, if you are not then be known what is HIIT.

HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) is the form of workout in which the person performs the exercise in the short bursts of all out energy, thus making it extremely hard to practice.

For Stairmaster HIIT, set the maximum speed ( As much as your body can tolerate ) and rush to the stairmaster for 20-30 seconds. Use all your energy. After 20-30 seconds, your energy would be gone and heavy breathing, dizziness and worn out are the common symptoms you are going to feel. But after those 20 seconds of wildlife exercise are over, rest for 40 seconds. After the result is over, again do the 20 seconds of all out stair climbing on the stair master stepmill. Again do the rest. Keep repeating the cycle until you are done.

Note :-

I consider it my responsibility to make you aware of those fitness scams which would take you out when you would be on a quest to find yourself some stairmaster workouts.

I see plenty of personal trainers convincing their clients for some fancy unwanted and complicated moves when working out. The stairmaster workout is indeed simple. All you have to do is climb stairs on it. Adjust the speed as much as you want. Don’t master fancy moves like lifting your other leg backwards and dashing sideways or blah blah. It’s simple and let it be. the workout on stairmaster is simple. Don’t let them fool you with some fancy moves that reap no greater benefits but result in injuries. Alright. 

Just attack the stairmaster and keep grinding. Don’t perform stunts on it, you are a visionary, not a stunt master.

Stairmaster Benefits

This section can be helpful for two kind of people.

  1. Those who are already having some wild fitness sessions onto the stairmaster stepmill
  2. Those who are interested in using the stairmaster as an alternative source for cardio other than the treadmill and the elliptical

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits which would help us shape our decision which would inturn help us shape the body

Benefit’s of Stair Master Slide em all!

Stairmaster Calories ( Calculator )

It’s good to wonder about how much calories you are burning with your stairmaster workouts.
Weight Time Intensity Calories Burned
Low 85 kcals
170 lb “+” 1o min Medium 93 kcals
High 100 kcals
Low 77 kcals
150-170 lbs 10 min Medium 88kcals
High 95kcals
Low 70cals
150 lb “-“ 10 min Medium 83kcals
High 90kcals

As you can see from the calculator above, the calorie burning count increases with the weight. The more weight you have put on, the more you would be burning the calories.

It get’s handy for people who are just starting off their fitness journey. When they are carrying unwanted fat, they burn more of it with workouts. But as the fat starts to go off and the bodyweight starts to go down, the same workout will not burn the same amount of calories. That’s why it is difficult to go on a single digit bodyfat percentage.

Stairmaster Results ( How much fat can you lose )

Remember this, one pound of fat equals to around 3500 kcals and one pound of muscle contains around 700 kcals.

So if you wanna lose one pound of pure fat in one month than you need to workout 20 mins on medium pace stairmaster for a month.

This is the easiest.

And yeah, don’t think of loosing 20+ pounds for results. If you successfully drop 3-4 pounds, you will see noticeable results. It’s in the human nature to bite more than it can chew. So don’t rush up. Burn a decent 3-4 pounds and you would see the changes in your body.

Use the chart above to figure out how much you can burn. Simply, to burn one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 kcals. It’s upto you for how much can you actually burn in a day.

Don’t burn more than 2 lb per week okay. It’s not safe beyond that. Unless you are professional athlete


Stairmaster is yet another alternate to traditional fat loss practices such as running and jogging. However, it reaps much greater results and benefits than the other practices. While the other forms of cardio require you to go all out, Stairmaster can help you get the same or even better effect with half of the intensity.

The good part about stairmaster is that a medium paced workout of around 20-25 min is totally doable and somewhat easy while running on the treadmill or cycling demand you to go all out for 20-25 mins which is impossible. So stairmaster ends up burning more calories and you feel fresh after the workout.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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